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A decade worth celebrating and an exciting future to embrace

We’ve had a lot to celebrate this year. Apart from hitting our 225 million user mark, or the highly-anticipated launch of Trestle, 2021 is also the year we turned ten.
Acceptable Ads

Acceptable Ads at scale is possible (look at TikTok)

During TikTok World, an online conference held by TikTok on September 28, the video-sharing focused social network discussed their upcoming features and the reasons behind their rollout––and it’s something to pay close attention to.

What do users think about ads in 2021?

What do users think about ads in 2021?

As users play a huge role in the success of advertising, we pulled together stats to o shed some light on what users think user about four different ad types.

Future of ad blocking and advertising post covid19
Ad Blocking

The future of advertising and ad blocking

Advertisers who want to recoup the losses from COVID19 have to be creative and smart. Here are some predictions for the future of advertising and ad blocking.