A novel way to reach over 225 million ad-filtering users

The way most people think about advertising differs significantly––but one thing remains clear: online ads are now louder, flashier and more invasive. Unfortunately, that also means that more people either download ad blockers or become oblivious to the many banner ads they see online.


At Acceptable Ads, we often talk about the three types of ad-blocking users, though it’s true that only two types are known for most people. The first is the standard user, those users who don’t use an ad-blocker or ad-filtering software to limit online advertisements from their online browsing experience. They also generally get used to ignoring or tuning out invasive advertisements. The second type is the non-addressable user, those users who prefer to block out all ads completely. 


A third type, however, exists in surprisingly large numbers: the hard-to-reach ad-filtering users. Unlike the first group, these users aren’t banner blind. We encourage advertisers and publishers to consider this vast potential audience as ‘ad aware’. And unlike the second group, ad-filtering users understand the necessary value exchange between advertisers, publishers, and users – this is seen in various studies and the sheer quantity of ad-filtering users seeing ads through Acceptable Ads. They recognize that ads are critical for the sustainability of a free internet ecosystem, which is why they consent to see fewer, lighter and nonintrusive ads. 


Although some advertisers recognize the importance of this audience, many others aren’t aware they exist. Some reckon that they’re a lost cause, not worth the effort or budget. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. By viewing fewer ads daily, ad-filtering users are more likely to give an ad the attention it needs. Cleaner web pages that feature lesser ads have also shown to create a positive effect on user attention. 


While these ad-filtering users are hard-to-reach, advertisers are starting to realize the potential value of reaching them. Up until now, this hasn’t been the easiest. 


But that’s all changing now with Trestle


Officially launched in the United States today, Trestle is the only advertiser solution on the market that enables advertisers to reach ad-filtering users at scale. This solution started within the eyeo ecosystem of products to allow advertisers to participate in the value exchange. With Trestle, advertisers can reach over 225 million global Acceptable Ads users that consent to nonintrusive and light advertising that adheres to the Acceptable Ads Standard


Aditya Padhye, General Manager at Trestle, said: “Before the launch of Trestle, it was very difficult for an advertiser to reach an Acceptable Ads user unless it was done so accidentally. Acceptable Ads has strict criteria that have to be respected and Trestle ensures that advertisers can reach these users with ease.”


Trestle will become the marketplace that offers a sustainable, simplified, measurable middle ground between user choice and monetization. 


Acceptable Ads is proud to announce the launch of Trestle, the biggest user-consented advertising platform on the free web and the first on the market, paving the way for advertisers to access a highly sought-after audience easily. By driving greater ad exposure and maximum visibility, Trestle ultimately benefits advertisers, publishers and users. 


Learn more about Trestle today. 


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