Trestle advertiser solution launches in Europe

Back in August 2021, Trestle launched in the United States as the first and only advertiser solution that enables advertisers to reach ad-filtering users at scale. Trestle was created by eyeo to improve the value exchange between users, publishers and advertisers and to address the lack of solutions in the market that sustainably focus on all three. 


The US was a good place to kickoff Trestle due to the growing number of ad-filtering users in the region. It provided valuable opportunities for advertisers to reach ad-filtering users and serve them consented ad formats without disrupting their online experience. But over the months, we saw an increasing demand and potential for Trestle to help even more advertisers outside the region, and reach millions of otherwise unreachable ad-filtering users. 


Following a successful Trestle launch in the US, we’re thrilled to announce that Trestle is now available in the European region to serve the growing interest. With Trestle, the biggest user-consented advertising platform on the free web, European advertisers can now reach millions of Acceptable Ads users who consent to nonintrusive and light advertising that adheres to the Acceptable Ads Standard


65 million ad-filtering users and growing


There are currently over 65 million Acceptable Ads (ad-filtering) users within the EU. These users aren’t against all ads; they’re only against invasive ads that disregard their privacy, choice or user experience. In addition, these users are also digital-first, younger and tech-savvy, which makes them highly valuable for advertisers. 


Here are a few insights into how ad-filtering users behave online. For example, they are 76% more likely to post a product or service review and are 58.6% more likely to be ‘reviewers’ of products they have bought, making them extremely valuable for advertisers. 


Although some advertisers recognize the importance of the ad-filtering audience, many are either unaware they exist or are quick to rule them out as they might not be worth the effort or money spent. But that’s far from the truth; by viewing fewer ads daily, ad-filtering users are more likely to give an ad the attention and engagement it needs. Cleaner web pages that feature lesser ads have also been shown to create a positive effect on user attention.


Benefits for advertisers 


With Trestle, advertisers can now easily reach these users for the first time in a less commercialized environment with fewer ads per page. By tapping into the EU market, Trestle will continue to prosper in being the marketplace that offers a sustainable, improved and measurable middle ground between user choice and monetization for advertisers –– now within the US and EU.  


The plan was to launch Trestle in the EU in late 2022, but since we saw a lot of demand from European advertisers following our launch in the US, we didn’t see the need to wait. This way, we can begin exploring the opportunities presented within both regions, which is an exciting start especially for Trestle that’s only been on the market for only 6 months now. We hope to expand our vision and continue to bridge the gap between advertisers and a hard-to-reach section of users that understand the need for fair online value exchange,” said Aditya Padhye, General Manager of Trestle at eyeo.


We’re delighted with Trestle’s entrance into the European market as a dedicated Acceptable Ads advertiser solution by eyeo. By driving greater ad exposure and maximum visibility, Trestle is paving the way for advertisers around the globe to easily access a highly sought-after audience and we’re ecstatic to be part of this journey. 


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