Ten years of Acceptable Ads, a decade to be thankful for

Acceptable Ads turns ten this year, which means it’s been a decade of improving the internet and contributing towards a sustainable online value exchange between users, publishers and advertisers. 

The advent of Acceptable Ads wouldn’t have been necessary if the internet functioned perfectly –– but Acceptable Ads wasn’t created to strive towards the perfect internet, but rather a fair and sustainable one for all parties to benefit from. Acceptable Ads was born out of the realization that ad blocking was only a short-term solution, a way to salvage a broken and uncontrollable online advertising system. But there was always a need for something more; a solution that met the needs of advertisers, publishers and users, one that would continue to help the online ecosystem thrive for everyone in the years to come. 

In 2011, Acceptable Ads came into existence. Its ability to create an improved standard that maintains user experience while allowing advertisers and publishers to monetize content was the perfect win-win-win the ad environment needed. 

Fast forward to today, Acceptable Ads is still growing in demand as we look back, filled with gratitude for the opportunity to work for our community and the ability to keep moving forward.

225 million users and growing

We wouldn’t be here without the trust and support of our growing 225 million Acceptable Ads user base. Thank you for having faith in the program and enabling us to better your online experience by keeping the internet free from intrusive ads. Over the years, all the feedback and demands have helped us show the world that advertising doesn’t have to be intrusive for revenue to pour in. 

The voices of our users have demonstrated that it’s not all or nothing when it comes to advertising –– ad blocking isn’t the right fix either. A sustainable middle ground exists, and that’s through Acceptable Ads. 

Placing your trust in the program

Throughout the years, however, we’ve not only improved things for the online community. Acceptable Ads has helped our publishing partners increase their revenue by reaching millions of ad-filtering users around the globe. It has also enabled publishers and advertisers to discover the benefits of nonintrusive advertising and understand why it’s worthwhile for the ad ecosystem.

So thank you for joining Acceptable Ads and our mission to create a sustainable online environment, one that doesn’t prevent monetizing opportunities, but encourages them in a fair manner.

The launch of Trestle 

Ten years of Acceptable Ads is an exciting celebration for us, but the icing on this cake is the launch of Trestle at the ten-year mark. Trestle came on the scene in August 2021 to bridge the gap between advertisers and ad-filtering users. Solutions primarily dedicated to users and publishers have been in the market for years, but this is our first advertiser-specific offering, and one that helps us further establish our mission of providing to all sides of the online ecosystem. 

Trestle came from eyeo’s suite of products, just like Acceptable Ads in 2011. It is the first and only dedicated advertiser solution in the market that enables advertisers to reach ad-filtering users at scale.

We may have been in the game for a decade, but the work isn’t completed yet. We will strive to continue improving a sustainable online value exchange and preserve the internet as an open, public resource.  And that’s something that can’t be done alone, so thank you for joining us on this journey.

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