Balance, Corona, and Acceptable Ads

The world has been hit quite hard by the coronavirus. The marks of this unexpected and tragic force have moved like a wave through society, altering not only our way of life, but also our jobs and revenues, especially for those who work in online advertising. There’s a lot of gloom, understandably.


Advertising agencies are cutting budgets and spending. CPMs are down all over the world – a lot of places have dropped between 30 and 40 percent. Contrastingly, with everyone at home, there is a growth in traffic. As per Global Web Index, 95% of consumers report that they are now spending more time on in-home media consumption activities. 


People are more reliant than ever on the internet. It almost seems like things had been moving in this direction to get us all ready for something like the coronavirus: we’re getting groceries delivered to our doors, shopping at online pharmacies, buying baby clothes and diapers, or cases of craft beer, or even new grills for the yard, doing our jobs and meetings, or just consuming more online entertainment and news all with a few clicks of a button. The simple reality is that this framework, the online world, is supporting us now more than ever. It has been one of the true bright spots in this complicated time. 


So, if more people are online now than ever, why are CPMs falling over the place? With all these eyes and all these available users the irony of that seems troubling. But part of the reason is that many users are not seeing ads because they are using ad blockers. It makes sense: ads are more and more aggressive, and less and less concerned with user experience. 


And now that so much is happening online, and so many people are at home, those who use ad blockers are not seeing most of the ads advertisers are putting out there.  And ad-blocking users are not a small group of people–Acceptable Ads alone reaches over 200 million users.  But not all is lost. These users are not against ads and are in most cases willing to see decent and user-friendly versions of ads. In fact, according to a recent study by eyeo, the Ad Blocking Report, 83% of online users would be happy to see ads as long as they are not intrusive and are relevant


That’s where Acceptable Ads offers a real solution. In fact, we’ve been in play for awhile, and as mentioned we’re reaching 200 plus million users who have consented to seeing nonintrusive ads. We believe that the online world, even before corona, has been needing a revisioning for years. And we’ve been working on that. And still are. In times like these, it’s especially important to think of ways of reaching valuable audiences. 


By moving toward an online future of balance, where ads are user-friendly and respectful, and advertisers have attractive monetization options in reaching all these ad-blocking users, we are creating a better web, and offering a smart way for advertisers to deal with the current health crisis and recoup some of their falling CPMs. 


Reaching ad-blocking users should not be a struggle, nor should they simply be written off.  They are there and using the internet just as much as everyone else right now, and are provenly amenable to better, less-intrusive advertising. Acceptable Ads is a real way to both work toward a better system of online advertising and for dealing with the here-and-now of corona and its consequences to advertisers and their CPMs. 

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