What are Acceptable Ads?

Acceptable Ads are ads that abide by criteria specially developed for and by ad-blocking users. They are respectful, nonintrusive, and relevant. Over 150 million ad-blocking users have consented to seeing Acceptable Ads.

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Without Acceptable Ads

Overwhelming amounts of poor-quality online advertising exists. This disrupts the user experience and leads to huge amounts of users installing ad blockers.

Users are frustrated, advertisers miss out on an important audience, and publishers miss out on advertising revenue. Everyone loses.

With Acceptable Ads

Acceptable Ads create a sustainable middle ground between user choice and monetization. The Acceptable Ads Standard is defined with users in mind.

This helps provide noninvasive ad formats that they are happy to see, allowing publishers to increase their advertising revenue. Everyone wins.

The timeline

and why this is not a new concept

Adblock Plus is written and released. It becomes the most popular Firefox extension in less than a year.
eyeo, the company behind Adblock Plus, is founded. The Acceptable Ads initiative is born.
The original Acceptable Ads criteria is developed by eyeo and the Adblock Plus community. By working together, both parties create a standard for better ads that benefits both users and advertisers.
The Acceptable Ads Committee is formed. eyeo hands over the Acceptable Ads criteria to the Committee.
The Acceptable Ads Committee releases Mobile Acceptable Ads criteria based on a study by an independent research company.
& beyond
The Acceptable Ads Committee turns its attention to video ads and more.