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Securing web browsers and defending against malvertising

With the alarming number of cyber attacks in 2021, what steps should be taken to ensure safety for the users?

The power of users: AdTech and the GameStop affair

As the story of a video game retailer’s soaring stock price sparked the attention of the American financial market, many from the ad tech community drew parallels between the two. What are the similarities?

Effect of Acceptable Ads
Acceptable Ads

The effect of Acceptable Ads on the internet

By supporting a nonintrusive, fair and sustainable online exchange between all players in the ad ecosystem, Acceptable Ads represents a sea change in the way the ad industry views the subject of cooperation and compromise.

Acceptable Ads Blog - A sustainable web
Sustainable Web

A sustainable web: What does that actually mean?

One cannot navigate the modern terrain of online advertising and user interests without looking at how it all holds together, how a give-and-take from all sides leads to a sustainable future.