Providing value for publishers

Publishers can gain revenue while participating in a sustainable value exchange by presenting users with consented advertising formats compliant with Acceptable Ads

Which option optimizes my revenue?

If you are an Acceptable Ads partner, you can easily prevent Google ad-blocking recovery messages from showing to users who are comfortable with seeing Acceptable Ads approved ad formats on your site. This configuration is available on the Ad Manager’s ‘Privacy & messaging’ tab to all publishers who use ad-blocking recovery messages 


Selecting the ‘Hide my ad blocking recovery message’ option will enable you to continue monetizing content through Acceptable Ads.


However, if you select the ‘Show my ad blocking recovery message’ option, ads will no longer be filtered through to users, preventing any Acceptable Ads monetization opportunities.

Not a partner yet? Here's what Acceptable Ads could mean for you:

Unlock and diversify your ad revenue stream with ads compliant with Acceptable Ads

Let users benefit from nonintrusive ads that respect the browsing experience

Proven implementation by many advertisers shows value to be gained by meeting users on their terms

About Acceptable Ads

eyeo Publisher Solutions allows publishers to monetize ad-filtering users (ad-blocking users who see some light forms of advertising) with high-quality, nonintrusive ads while promoting a superior user experience compliant with Acceptable Ads

Find out how Acceptable Ads can help you gain more revenue.


eyeo Publisher Solutions is used by 250 million ad-filtering users around the world. The feature enables users to support content creators by allowing some nonintrusive ads compliant with Acceptable Ads while browsing the web with an ad blocker. For publishers, it offers the chance to monetize those users with a limited ad experience (and higher eCPM) while always respecting their users’ choices.

Acceptable Ads is an ad standard that has been researched and approved by the independent Acceptable Ads Committee to be shown to internet users who have Acceptable Ads enabled on their devices. These ads have been identified as nonintrusive and nondisruptive to the user’s experience.


If a website wants to show ads to ad-filtering users, they must apply to be on our allowlist and prove that the ads shown will meet the strict criteria established by the Acceptable Ads Committee – such as being clearly marked as advertising and not exceeding certain sizes or proportions of a page

The vast majority of ad-filtering users understand that not all ads are annoying. Most recognize the role advertising plays in keeping the internet free and open, and they are willing to see some ads to support publishers. 

Ad blocking (which is being replaced nowadays by ad filtering) exists because users have been bombarded by annoying, intrusive and at times unsafe advertisements for too long. Over 250 million ad-filtering users consent to Acceptable Ads.

No. Users can turn off Acceptable Ads and block all ads if they choose.

However, AdBlockPlus’s default setting is to allow Acceptable Ads, because we believe in creating a sustainable web. Our research has shown that a large majority of users consent to see ads that are less intrusive.

General criteria for acceptability can currently be divided into three categories: size, placement and labeling. In those general terms, an ad cannot be too large; cannot disrupt content with its placement (like a pop-up or an ad between two paragraphs), and must be labeled unambiguously as an ad.