Acceptable Ads Certification Tool (beta)

Reach millions of ad-blocking users with pre-approved ads and one-tag implementation in minutes.

Adblock Plus teamed up with ComboTag to create the first real-time open Certification Tool for Acceptable Ads. This allows publishers to drag-and-drop pre-approved Acceptable Ads directly onto their sites. In seconds.

Ads don’t have to be annoying - even if you’re pushing for increased engagement, viewability and yield. Millions of users have installed ad blockers in what could be the greatest consumer revolt of all time; there is a way to win those picky users back with nonintrusive ads.

Adblock Plus has been getting these users back with the Acceptable Ads initiative. The secret of the initiative is trust: users don’t have to take part, but because it’s on their own terms, most do. And yet, after over five years of existence, it was still a labor-intensive process for publishers and advertisers to join.

Not anymore. The Acceptable Ads Certification Tool (AACT) is an open infrastructure that validates Acceptable Ads and facilitates them being served using tools common to the ad tech industry.

Easy implementation optimized for your audience

You can use pre-approved ads from various demand channels, or you can use your own and let the AACT check them in real-time against the Acceptable Ads criteria. The implementation is simple, intuitive and includes a unique user feedback mechanism, which lets you optimize your ads for your specific user base.

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